The Resume Refinery – A report

It is a well known fact that an excellent resume has the power to open doors. College lectures might prepare us for jobs and placements, but when it’s time for employers to finalize their decisions – what makes them determine their best candidate? How can you create an impactful resume to create your own brand in the professional world? You can have your accomplishments and certificates ready, but it can be confusing to decide what exactly to showcase. With committee interviews coming soon for the new students of DJ Sanghvi, The Resume Refinery covered it all.

On 5th February, 2022, students got the opportunity to learn and polish their resume writing skills. It was an informative online session held on MS Teams, due to quarantine. With a great turnout, this DJ LIT event lasted 5:30-6:45pm. It was hosted by our committee member Shweta Joshi and was conducted by Prof. Shirley Mathew. The audience was enthusiastic and actively participated in this interactive webinar. 

Professor Shirley Mathew is an educator with over 20+ years of experience, specializing in Business Communication, Presentation Skills and Public Speaking. To start off, with a sample resume, she highlighted the key points to consider while preparing a resume. Resumes are an important marketing tool. She explained what exactly a resume comprises, its objective and the impact it can have on your interviewer.

Surprisingly, an employer takes around 20 seconds to review an applicant’s resume. She highlighted that it is important to remember one size does not fit all and informed everyone that their resume should be targeted and tailored. The participants got to understand the importance of updating their LinkedIn account as it gives you professional exposure. She also shed light on the key sections and appearance of a resume.

It was an interactive and informative session, with students asking questions, giving their input throughout and discussing the do’s and don’ts in a resume. As the event was successfully executed and wrapped up, the students left with a greater confidence in their resume-writing skills to make the most of their future opportunities