With you, it’s all worth it!

Love is like Poker,
You need the will to take a risk, to succeed or to fail;
If it doesn’t work out,
it doesn’t mean it’s not love, It means it’s not destined
If it does work out,
It may not last, cause that’s how life is.

We need to live life the way it comes to us,
Sharing our happiness, helping through our sorrows,
Life isn’t always fair
but even after everything,
being contended in the present,
That’s what love is.

It isn’t always what you expect,
It may be more or less, or sometimes worse
But you can’t live if you’re scared of the future,
The unknown is something that we can’t change.

It’s wise to be afraid of the unknown,
It’s foolish to stop living life in fear,
The fear that’s just a game, A game of What-If’s

Let’s go, get out of here,
Somewhere away, beyond their reach,
to live our life, as we think as we dream
Alone I ain’t sure, but with you it’ll be worth it.

Being here, closed in our shell,
is not how we can be, not forever,
Opening our wings, will do us good,
Falling a little, flying a little.