Open Mic Night

Open mic night, one of the most excitement-filled and celebrated events of our college was back with a bang after 2 whole years of sitting at home. DJ Lit and DJS Beats were presenting their first major event: making a transition from discord to our very own drawing hall. The event was set to happen on the 25th of March at 3 pm.
From a couple of weeks before the event, the registrations were ongoing, and needless to say there was an overwhelming response from artists. The performers were offered 5-minute and 10-minute slots. The registrations had to be closed a couple of days before the event as the desired number of slots were already full a few days into the registrations. The committees of DJ Lit and DJS Beats bonded over the event preparation and registration desk duties.
As the day began, the members were engrossed in decorating the drawing hall from very early in the morning. The creatives team had worked really hard for the past weeks and prepared beautiful hangings and posters. There was also an eye-catching photo booth to click and post on the ‘gram. The drawing hall looked just like a ballroom from the roaring twenties. The room was all golden and glitzy. It looked like something out of a Fitzgerald novel.
Various sponsors from the event set up their stalls in the corridors of the 5th floor. The aroma of sauces, patties, brownies and various desserts spread across the college attracting the students.
The event began with a special calming performance from Prof. Joshi. As the night proceeded the hosts of the event cheered the audience in the room leaving no dull moment. There were various sets of hosts as the event was scheduled for a long time. The editorial team of the DJ Lit had worked on the scripts of the hosts.
The hosts charmed the room with their light-hearted banter and humorous one-liners. The audience was now grooving to the rhythms of strings, notes, chords, and percussions. Few performers also presented standup sets and poetries. There was laughter, emotions, and cadence from the singers.
The enthusiasm of the participants and audience stayed intact till the end of the night. It was very special to have the ex-core members of DJ Lit. Some of the ex-core members read out very heart-touching poems about their self-exploratory journey in the committee. The founders who laid the foundation for DJS Beats- the official musical club of the college were interviewed. The audience didn’t overlook moments to get up and dance the Garba to the beats of a band from the first year. DJ Sanghvi experienced excellent performances and artists throughout the night giving a few of them once more cheers. Candid photographers were running around the drawing hall capturing these euphonious vibes. From first year’s fresh talent and enthusiasm to heavy-hearted goodbye performances from the fourth year students, the night witnessed it all.
Open mic night which went on till almost 11 pm was a great success. It was a one-stop for music, art, humour, mellifluous voices, and hunger cravings.