An Unexpected Turn Of Events

Abstract Nov 07, 2019

Some believe, some don't, but it exists, something dark and supernatural, beyond the eyes of the living. It is known by many names - Satan's Lair, Lucifer’s creation etc. Let us just call it the inhumane world.

There are many accounts of supernatural and inhumane instances found in the world but none that give a hard proof of it's existence . This is one such instance, it can be related to science or you can believe it.

Known as a devout Christian in her hometown and community, Anneliese Michel was known as a god follower, preaching about god every day, every minute of her life. Until the day that changed her life, the day she got approved by a university for her higher education.

Months passed; she had well settled into her dorm room, had great friends, was doing great in the university. Until one day, when (as she described it) she became Possessed by demons, yes, not one but many, she was then diagnosed with epilepsy- A disorder in which you have seizures and you have scary hallucinations. She was also diagnosed with Psychotic disorder, leading to depression. She was put on many anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and anti-hallucinogens, but they did not work at all. Often Anneliese would say that the demons spoke to her inside her head, they would not let her eat or drink the food fit for humans. Days passed but Anneliese's condition only worsened, then her family took the decision to take her to their family priest for an exorcism (The exorcism was so dangerous that Vatican did not approve of it.)

The first day of the exorcism was the worst one for everyone. Their Family Priest came in their house; he immediately sensed something unholy, someone demonic, he then asked Anneliese's sister to go to her room and check if she was okay, her scared sister climbed the stairs to Anneliese's room really slow, when she was on the doorstep of Anneliese's room she saw her eating something, she became scared to death as she saw, Anneliese eating bugs and her own faeces from the floor. Scared, her sister screamed, hearing her screams both her father and their priest rushed towards Anneliese's room. Anneliese seeing the priest screamed on the top her voices(just high a pitched scream) then started to bang her knees to the floor three times in a row (Banging anything three times in a row is a insult to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit), then her father caught hold of her and somehow stopped her. The Priest then directly talked to Anneliese's demons, but they did not respond to any of his requests, then he sprayed some holy water on her to awaken the demons inside her. As the water touched her skin it evaporated immediately which was a clear sign that she was Possessed. Anneliese (The Demons) replied, in Latin which was the language used in Ancient times,"I am the one who dwells within." The priest said, "I am the one who comes in the Lord's name." Anneliese replied, "You think you can force us out, priest? Give it a try then...", and then she froze to a position which even scared the priest. It was a pose that showed the devil's dominion on her body.

She had more than 40+ exorcisms done on her, but she died, On 1 July 1976, Michel died in her home. The autopsy report stated the cause was malnutrition and dehydration due to being in a semi-starvation state for almost a year while the rites of exorcism were performed. During one of the exorcisms the demons spoke directly to the priest, giving their names, there were six demons inside her namely, Cain, Nero, and Judas Iscariot, a member of Legion, Belial, and Lucifer himself.

She suffered so much but her last words were, “Through my sufferings everyone will know that both god and the devil exist and if people can see this through my sacrifice then I will die happily.”

Based on true events.

-Dakshal Rathod

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