Book Review: The Woman in the Window

Review Oct 30, 2019

For the psychological thriller fanatics or the socially awkward. No in between.

The Woman in the Window is one of my favourite books of this post-modern female protagonist obsessed era, and has more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. Those are pretty much the two things you need to know before going into this book. It has been lauded by the likes of Gillian Flynn and Stephen King and it truly is page turning goodness.

The book follows the day to day life of a middle-aged woman, Anna, who suffers from Agoraphobia. Anna's only window into the outside world is quite literally her window, where she sits spying on her neighbours and drinking wine (excessively). When new neighbours move into the house opposite Anna, their picture-perfect family becomes the ultimate fixation for her.. until she witnesses something she wasn’t supposed to.

The thriller itself starts off strewn with mysteries of Anna herself, wherein the author makes you work to get to know her better and understand the complexities of her mental condition. Trying to sort through her fuzzy, anxious, alcoholic mind itself gets you hooked and before you know it, you start feeling the claustrophobia of the outside and inside world. This however, makes Anna’s narration very confusing, you don’t know what to trust and what not to, which is frustrating but makes for a great cliffhanger everytime.

Now, without revealing too much, it is glaringly obvious that I would highly recommend this book, which isn’t earth-shatteringly perfect, but good enough for all of the human population to read at least once. If you like ‘Gone Girl’, ‘The Girl on the Train’, or any other psychological thriller or can just relate to how frustrating humankind can get, be sure to give this thriller a read.

Adrika Singh

DJLIT Editorial Co-committee member

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