Guidelines for Editorial Team


This page is made specifically for the DJ LIT Editorial team in the future, from 2020 – 2022, and the future committees if they decide to continue this website.


My name is Vikrant, I’m the developer of this new DJVU website. It went live on 28th October, 2019 – exactly 2 weeks before the old WordPress website expired. It’s made using Ghost CMS and a custom theme which you can find on DJ LIT’s Github.



This Entrepreneur, Austin Distel, is blogging on his laptop about building a social media marketing strategy to showing bloggers how to make money on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. His business has become a technology company, selling software and day trading cryptocurrency on the blockchain.Photographers 📸 @breeandstephenphoto. Model 👨🏼‍💻 @austindistel.❤️ If you use this photo on your site, I would be very appreciative if you would please credit in the caption or meta to "". ❤️
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There are 4 kinds of users:

  1. Administrators – There is only 1 administrator, DJ LIT Editorial Team. Please refrain from adding more administrators. Or go ahead, but do not give the accounts to anyone other than the DJ LIT Core Committee. Admins have access to all the content on this website, including the settings.
  2. Editors – These should be DJ LIT’s Editorial heads only, or members from the Core Committee only. Editors have access to all the posts and pages, from all authors and contributors. Editors have publishing rights.
  3. Authors – Mostly no-one, other than the Call for Articles account. Authors have editing and publishing rights to their own posts and pages. But this is too much power to give to non-core committee, and too less power to give to core committee. So we don’t use this type of user.
  4. Contributors – These people have rights to edit their own pages and posts, but they don’t have publishing rights. So they can’t edit anyone else’s posts, or publish any posts. Use this for anyone who wants to write content on the website, but this content should be reviewed by Editors/ Admin, that is, DJ LIT Core members.

Who should receive accounts:

  • Co-committee members, the Editorial Department, should receive Contributor accounts.
  • Committee members, mostly but not limited to, the Editorial heads, should receive Editor accounts.
  • Technical co-committee team does not need accounts for development. This isn’t WordPress.
  • Technical head should receive Admin account.
  • DJ LIT Editorial Account is Admin for entire committee.
  • Call for Articles account is a placeholder Author account for articles from outside the committee.
  • Any other committee in college, who wishes to publish on our website, should receive a Contributor account.


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There are 2 kinds of tags available:

  1. Public tags – appear on posts and on our website. For example: writing, event.
  2. Internal tags – used for our reference, and to improve the recommendations system. They are prefixed with a #. For example: #review, #committee.

How to use tags:

  • Create as many internal tags as you want, but please use descriptive tags and do not pollute the website with unneccessary tags like “Y u do this to me?”, which was a tag on the old WordPress website.
  • Before making an internal tag public, consult the committee/ Technical head. These tags should look good on the website. Go to Admin > Tags > The tag you want to make public, add an image and a description. Only then should you make a tag public.

Writing Posts

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Went on a field trip with my French class to Montreal. My friend wanted to go somewhere that served coffee so we went into this area that looked like a train station. We sat down and soon I noticed the Unsplash logo and was immediately surprised.
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Facebook Homepage - Social Media
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Publishing Posts

Business newspaper pages
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Making Changes to Theme

I remade my portfolio yesterday from scratch and got inspired…
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